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7 Ways to Keep Your Immunity Strong During COVID-19

Your immune system is an intricate, co-dependent structure of white blood cells, antibodies, complex proteins, networks, and organs. Some parts of the system act as literal barriers, preventing viruses and bacteria from reaching your organs like your brain, while others hunt and remove the invaders from your body.   Although your immune system is effective against many disease-causing germs and viruses, it requires time to familiarise itself with the enemy. In a lot of scenarios, it needs to be able to recognise an illness-causing pathogen as a danger before it knows it needs to be removed from your body. Of course, this is usually only possible once you’ve developed the specific antibodies from either having been sick with an illness...

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How to Unplug from Social Media Effectively!

The world today has never been more connected. Regardless of where you are in the world, from Portugal to New Zealand, you can send a message to anyone across the globe… provided you both have an internet connection. The internet not only breaks location and distance barrier, but also social barriers. Regular people are even able to tweet our favourite authors, athletes, and other famous personalities. Sometimes they even respond.   Occasionally, like myself you may find yourself lost in your online life, forgetting to live your real life. I know I’ve had times where I’ve focused on being more connected online only to end up disconnected with the real world. Sometimes you need to take a step back, unplug...

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10 Easy Ways to Get in Shape for Summer

Who doesn't like a fit body? In an era where getting fit is as easy as working on a computer, how does one make conscious and healthy choices? I mean by undergoing the knife - working out and eating healthy is like always still-very-much a decision you must make everyday. 

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