What Every Business Owner Needs in Order To Get Organised In 2022!

Let’s be honest, 2021 felt like a disastrous year. It was chaotic, unpredictable, and downright stressful. As the optimist that I am, I hope that 2022 is an amazing year where all small businesses and individuals get back on track to living life in a somewhat normal fashion. However, the realist that I am knows that this wishful thinking doesn’t come by chance, but my work and goal setting.

Amazingly, I stumbled across this little local brand called MyLittleResinHobby, the lovely owner, Katherine, creates beautiful resin styled items from gorgeous coasters to beautiful bookmarks. But my favourite that I know will change my daily routine is the Business Planner.

If you’ve read my blog, you know I run multiple businesses and have many side projects with different teams behind each, so it’s important for me to stay zen and get organised so I can effectively communicate well with my team, plan for goals, campaigns and promotions and stay sane, whilst juggling being a wife and mum.

Being busy isn’t something to glamorise, and finding balance is a hard feat, especially when so many areas in your life are demanding your attention, which is why finding a planner that suits your lifestyle is essential to maximising productivity, whilst progressing you towards your personal and business goals.

I must say, this planner makes me feel like I’ve got my life sorted and organised! I love writing things down instead of having everything on my phone, so this is right up my alley. This planner has everything. It’s got quotes, a weekly and a daily planner, reflection, gratitude and inspiration pages, it’s got monthly and quarterly reviews and even a space for jotting down your ideas and thoughts; or what others like to call 'doodling'.

The perfect A5 size, leather bound planner and it comes with a beautiful handmade bookmark. Get organised in 2022 with this business planner! This is a perfect item to gift yourself or your loved ones who are busy or in business and have big goals and dreams for 2022!

I know I’ll be using this throughout the year!


Love & Blessings,




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