“It doesn’t matter what your background or skill set is, we all have within us the grit and commitment to achieve our goals” Nihla

My name is Nihla.

First and foremost, I am a mother and a wife.

I push myself because I have high expectations – I don’t see problems, I see opportunities.

I am driven. I am the company director of several businesses, in the health, aesthetics, property and e-commerce spaces.

I was raised in a conservative environment, and still connected to that conservatism, yet I don’t exactly fit that mould. You see… we all rebel in our own ways and, honestly, I’m the type of who decides about something, and then try to achieve it, without ruffling too many feathers. Deep down I know that through grit and determination I can achieve my goals, and I know that I have the smarts, passion and conviction to get there.

Some days are exhausting, sometimes I have a lot of stress and I have to compartmentalise that stress because I have so many conflicting priorities in my life – be a good mother, be a good wife, be a genuine role-model, be a trustworthy company director, be an inspiring businesswoman.

On the days that are hard I rely on inner peace and positive self-talk, to get me through. Of course, inner peace isn’t always there to call upon – that takes practice and time to get right. However, through meditation, breathing exercises, or a simple act like sipping a cup of peppermint tea, I can usually get into a relaxed and calm state of being.

I surround myself in luxury and the finer things in life, while still being down-to-earth and considerate of the people around me. I try constantly to maintain a cup that is filled with moments of self-reflection, meditation and a positive mindset.

Usually, you will find me in my office working on current projects and deadlines. However, by the end of each day, you’ll often find me with my feet up in a comfy chair, steaming tea next to me, enjoying reading a good inspirational book. These moments of peace are so valuable to me I absolutely cherish them.

I love crystals, candles, incense and meditation… basically, if it is going to get me feeling zen I’m totally there. Apart from these things being central to my mental health, the reason I love them is that I believe we never stop growing and learning. I believe moments of peace and inner reflection are the engines that keep me evolving.

I’m a visual thinker. I get a business idea and then I seek out the right team of people that become the key drivers of my business. I can direct ideas and form the structure of my idea and then I get the right people in place to execute because I believe the right people with the right level of empowerment is what drives success.

I also love to self-educate. I might get an idea and then I’ll put all my energy into learning what I can before I make the decision to run with my idea. Then I connect the right people, outsource and diversify.

My social channels and blog are all about sharing my journey as well as a place for my audience to come for ideas and tips. I want to share the things I love as well as empower my audience to pursue their own dreams.

Life is hectic but there is still fun and time to be classy and elegant. Let’s enjoy a positive mindset and celebrate each other’s successes.

Some say ‘you got this’… I say ‘you get this’.

Love & blessings,

Nihla ♥